About Aliesha

A Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner turned Holistic Gut, Brain & Fertility Health Expert

I help high-performing women revitalize their health so they can show up in ALL aspects of their life!


Meet Aliesha 

A Root Cause Detective!

Her story began about 4 years ago, when she started to realize there was more she could be doing to make a huge difference in the world and that her role as a Family Nurse Practitioner in traditional medicine wasn't in alignment with where God was leading her heart. The #1 reason why she stepped away from her position was to pursue a career that allowed her the flexibility to be at home with her now 2.5 year old daughter, while also making a difference in the lives of other women like herself! 

Her journey started out as a passion to learn anything she could about nutrition and natural ways of healing at a root cause level. This passion stemmed from losing her father and mother-in-law from cancer and a heart attack, watching a close friend's daughter get diagnosed with neuroblastoma at 4 months old and go through chemo and from all of the chronic disease she encountered daily in her job.

This would later turn into her embarking on her own healing journey...

With 20+ years of experience working in healthcare, she saw a gap in our current medical system. It is severely lacking in chronic disease prevention, root cause solutions, and preconception education and support. Cancer is on the rise and becoming more and more prevalent in younger people, including our children.

Her mission is to change this trajectory by offering high-level 1:1 health consulting to women and children with emphasis on root cause healing and preventative care!

It wasn't until...

her first pregnancy with her daughter that she discovered her thyroid function was suboptimal and had likely been that way for years. She reflected back on symptoms of gut dysfunction, energy slumps, headaches, skin issues, brain fog, PMS, recurrent knee joint pain, and impaired fertility (as it took 3 years to conceive her). She remembered being so caught up in the day-to-day missing meals, eating on the go, not getting regular sleep bouncing from dayshift to nightshift in the hospital setting, not prioritizing regular exercise, scheduling multiple social engagements. She put health and wellness on the back-burner, trying to succeed in her career as an RN and then later as an FNP, while planning her own wedding. These symptoms were never at the forefront of her mind because they hadn't debilitated her, but that doesn't make them OK.

She dove wholeheartedly into certification after certification in integrative health, functional medicine and blood chemistry from a functional lens. This included a 10-month rotation specifically in pediatrics.

Then fast-forward to last year when she suffered an ectopic pregnancy after learning she was pregnant unexpectedly. At the time she was in her first official year as the CEO of Zynda Integrative Health and Wellness, still working as an NP, and breastfeeding her daughter on demand, essentially. She prioritized everything and everyone else.  

But Then Everything Changed...

Aliesha realized that she needed to heal at a deeper level. She had found her true calling and passion in holistic medicine but needed to prioritize herself too, especially after pregnancy loss!

Her ectopic pregnancy was eye-opening and propelled the desire to get to the root of her thyroid dysfunction. She later learned the deficiencies in her body and embarked on her own health journey to rebalance what was imbalanced. She has never felt better than she does today and that is because she invested the time and in deeper testing. She made healthy a lifestyle, while also doing what she loves and modeling healthy behaviors for her daughter.

"EVERY woman and child deserves to follow their dreams, unburdened by chronic disease."

She has been in YOUR shoes and her experiences are what inspire her to empower women to be their own health advocate and their child's.

 Now she is able to show up fully for her family and in business because she feels the BEST she has ever felt and the MOST aligned...

As much as her body suffered through the years from stress, disruptive sleep and eating patterns, thyroid dysfunction, impaired fertility and pregnancy loss, she has learned a valuable lesson. Symptoms is the body's way of communicating something is imbalanced, so pay attention! Also, EVERYTHING happens for a reason and God leads us where we are meant to be.

Through her own experiences and education, Aliesha is equipped to help women and children in a more meaningful way toward lasting health and wellness!

You are not alone and you deserve to work with someone who views medicine from a root cause perspective.  


Ready to Achieve Boundless Energy, Eliminate Gut Dysfunction and Boost Mental Clarity Naturally?