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Say goodbye to feeling helpless in our current medical system. The time is now to take charge of YOUR health journey and YOUR family's!

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I am a Christian, Wife, Mother and Entrepreneur on a mission to help others live healthy, vibrant, joy-filled lives!

I am the Founder of Zynda Integrative Health and Wellness, a thriving holistic health practice that empowers motivated individuals to take charge of their own health journey and make informed decisions that align with natural well-being. 

I am a highly passionate and enthusiastic speaker, educator and practitioner with expertise in Pediatric and Women's Gut and Brain Health. 

Everything happens for a reason, and there is a reason YOU were brought to my page!

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Private 1:1 Health Consulting

Are YOU looking for high-level¬†support?¬†Apply for Renewed HER: Your 6-Month Journey to Healing, Empowerment & Resiliency. Imagine having answers to your symptoms and not hearing "your labs are normal," with no further guidance. Imagine waking up with boundless energy that actually lasts, feeling mentally clear and motivated, and enjoying your meals without bloating. Imagine being able to intuitively recognize when something is off in your body and knowing exactly what to do to support it. Imagine making confident, informed health decisions. Imagine¬†Healthy is a Lifestyle‚ĄĘ, YOUR Lifestyle.¬†Imagine resiliency, no matter what season of life you are in. It's your turn to prioritize you.


Speaker at a Live or Virtual Event

Are YOU looking for someone who is personable and knowledgeable in the field of holistic medicine to engage your audience at a live event? Looking for a guest speaker on your Podcast or IG Live? I love sharing my knowledge and expertise with the world and would love to help you with your next event or speaking engagement! Send me a message at the link below. I would absolutely love to collaborate!


Who I Help...

Women who are ready to say YES to putting themselves first and are seeking a more Holistic Approach to balancing it all!

  • Burned out first-responders and healthcare professionals who prioritize everyone else above themselves.
  • Exhausted high-performing women who have very little time to focus on anything else, but climbing the corporate ladder.
  • Motivated mama's who feel overwhelmed and burned out from the day to day and have no idea who to listen to when it comes to health advice for themselves or their children.
  • Overwhelmed female entrepreneurs¬†trying to juggle it all at home as a wife, mother and ambitious dreamer building a business from the ground up!
  • Women with impaired fertility struggling to conceive, but ready to start or expand the family they've always imagined.

   Is this you?

  • Do you reach for that 2nd or 3rd cup of coffee because you feel groggy and unrested in the mornings no matter how much sleep you get?
  • Do you¬†feel like you lack the motivation and energy to prepare healthy meals or exercise?
  • Are you struggling to lose weight and keep it off?
  • Do you experience debilitating migraines that cause you to miss important meetings or scheduled social events?
  • Do you lack mental focus, space out, and find it difficult to formulate words or sentences?
  • Do you bloat every time you eat or drink anything and resort to wearing baggier clothes because of it?
  • Is your acne or skin blemishes ruining your confidence?
  • Are you anxious and worried about anything and everything and wish you could just shut your mind off?
  • Do you experience heavy, painful or irregular periods?
  • Are you struggling to conceive or have you suffered from multiple miscarriages or an ectopic pregnancy?

Then You’re In Luck!

By working with me, you will gain powerful insights into your body's unique functionality and it's potential for optimal performance.

  • Imagine you woke up EVERY morning with endless energy to crush your goals, with absolutely no need for caffeine to get you through!
  • Imagine stable energy, balanced blood sugar, and preparing healthy meals and exercise is actually enjoyable!
  • Imagine you are the perfect weight for your body type and you feel healthy and strong!
  • Imagine a world without debilitating migraines holding you back from being the BEST friend, wife, mother or career-driven woman you can be!
  • Imagine you are mentally clear and focused at work and at home, allowing you to fully show up for the people who need you most!
  • Imagine you could wear the clothes that were tailored to you without bloating or digestive discomfort holding you back from¬†feeling your BEST no matter what!
  • Imagine clear, radiant skin and having the confidence to be in the spotlight, whether for a work presentation, speaking engagement or making memories on camera with your family or friends!
  • Imagine you went through your days feeling in complete control of your thoughts and your mind!
  • Imagine months without cramping, PMS and heavy bleeding and living in harmony with your cycle!
  • Imagine a greater chance of holding your precious newborn baby because you optimized your body to conceive and support a healthy pregnancy!

Learn more about Aliesha, her healing journey, and the #1 reason she stepped away from her traditional role as a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner to pursue a rewarding and fulfilling career in holistic health, helping women and children in an even bigger and more meaningful way!

Aliesha's Story

I am truly passionate about helping people and making an impact. Find out more about how I can help you achieve boundless energy, eliminate gut dysfunction, and boost mental clarity naturally inside Renewed HER: Your 6-Month Journey to Healing, Empowerment & Resiliency. My clients experience transformative results!

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